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Anonymous asked:

so not trying to be an ass and if i seem like one im sorry but what is the importance to you with the girl gamer like yes you are a girl yes you are a gamer but do you like to tell people that you are or did it just pop just wondering cause most girls hide it online and to do with games

No i put this girl gamer cause i loooove people see us (girls) in other way. A gamer way. Beacause hellooo we live too! Girls who play and enjoy this. In this world they are girls who can do great stuffs with PC i know.
Also with this “girl gamer” i start talking with other girls who plays video games around the world and believe me..i love seeing that we are many.
And in WoW i didnt tell that im girl. But we do guild raids and we talk online. So they saw me and hear me. From there they know that there is a girl playing with them. :p

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